Michael D. Bond

Associate Professor
Computer Science & Engineering
Ohio State University



697 Dreese Labs



Interested in doing research in PL and systems? To learn more about topics my group is focused on these days, take a look at papers from two special topics courses on persistent memory and Rust. (If you get redirected to another Piazza course, try opening the links in incognito mode or logging out of Piazza first.) You can also check out our publications.

PLaSS Research Group

We design program analyses and software and hardware systems that make computing more reliable, scalable, and secure.

Publications (with open-source implementations)

General interests: program analysis, programming language implementation, memory management, software and hardware systems, security

Current advisees:

  • Arpita Chowdhury (PhD student)
  • Chujun Geng (PhD student)
  • Vincent Beardsley (PhD student)

Graduated advisees

Other grad students and postdocs I'm working with:


Autumn 2022: CSE 3341: Principles of Programming Languages (two sections)

All teaching


Recent/upcoming major activities:
  • Program Committee, PLDI 2023
  • Program committee member and area chair, ASPLOS 2023
  • Program committee, PPoPP 2023
  • Program committee, ASPLOS 2022
  • Program committee, PLDI 2021
  • Review committee, OOPSLA 2021

  • [OSU] Chair of CSE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Summer 2022–present)
  • [OSU] Lead organizer of exploreCSR (2020–2022)
All activities, awards, and funding