Programming Languages and Software Systems (PLaSS) Research Group



We design program analyses and software and hardware systems that make computing more reliable, scalable, and secure.

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Current members: Graduated members, with current positions as of 2021: Current and past collaborators: A few not-so-recent photos:

Celebrating Aritra and Man's PhD defenses and graduations (May 2017)
From left to right: Mike, Aritra, Man, Jake, Rui

Celebrating Minjia and Swarnendu's PhD defenses and graduations (Sept 2016)
From left to right: Aritra, Man, Rui, Jake, Mike, Minjia, Swarnendu, [family member]

After Minjia's PhD defense (April 2016)
From left to right: Man, Aritra, Minjia, Mike, Rui

Collaborating on the EnfoRSer project on Google Hangouts (c. 2013)
From left to right: Aritra, Mike, Milind Kulkarni